Kamis, 30 September 2010

Tokyo Jihen - Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

If I lose my voice
You'll be the one reason
Without you here
Only echoes will ring

My song glides
On a wind free and flowing
Keep it nice
Keep it natural

You always know my sweet spot
You conjure up
My voice from down deep inside
And all I know is
You play me right

I just want you to touch me
No harm is ever done
By these things
And if you go away
I'll never feel like breathing

If you choose to leave
You'll leave in the season
My song's been sung
Only echoes still ring

One thing twice
Is too close to nothing
Make it nice
Make it sensual

You always know my sweet spot
You melt away
The ice from down deep inside
But no you don't know
It feels so right

I just want you to touch me
No joy is ever won
By these things
And if you go away
I'll never hear my heartbeat

There is no explaining
How we got this far
You never did promise anyone
So when I stop
And I think about it
I wonder is this really
Is this really what you wanted?

I always know your sweet spot
Well you could take a short cut
Or take your time
'Cause only I can read
Your signals right

You lead me where you want me
But I can never hold in
My weeping
'Cause when you go away
I hear only echoes ring

my comment for this song:.......................(sorry, this guy is available for talking right now. please try again later)

Senin, 06 September 2010

its been a while

hey hey! its been a while since my last post in this blog. i didn't think my previous blog has anything structured. it just came out of my head and, yea well, completely and totally abstract. a friend of mine told me that its good to have some absurds and abstracts. just write it anywhere and the good thing it might be my sort of luck or whatever.

anyways! just enjoy, ok? :]

Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

lucky single

sometimes, i do feel good being sngle all this time. watching my friend cries at the office make me feel "jeez, lucky i'm single by now". but then again, being single is like, i can get laid with every girl that i'm close to! (well, not literally getting laid. I'm just exaggerating it. oh well, whatever).
in the end, a distraction is just a distraction. nothing else. that's why i dare say i really am lucky to be single right now.

Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

. black . black . and black . fix .

it like it black. it gives the expression (and maybe of impression) of darkness (OF COURSE! duuhh), gloomy, sorrowness, yeah, something like that. i dunno why i like this freakin color, but the way it produce the tone, makes a glimpse out of me.

check out my other blog, mostly full of vintages and blueness and of course, black.


Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

stresses out

booze . booze . booze. i freaking need them right now. fuck's sake.

Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

bad day, bad time. fuck's sake.

sometimes, its better for us to stay still. because shit happens.
yeah, shit happens. all the time.

Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

Greatest things

The greatest things that we humans have ever created are the conceptualization of heaven and hell, and the imaginary idols of God Themself